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I’ve been using tinder for years. Just like you, I was getting 3-4 matches a week.

But My approach towards Tinder changed when I realized that the matches on your Tinder profile are NOT RELATED to “How good looking you are”.

They are also not related to “How much you earn” or “What your qualification is”

Your number of matches depend upon two things :

  • Tinder’s own Profile ranking ALGORITHM
  • How women PERCEIVE you ?

In this article, I’ll cover both the aspects, so that your profile pictures Leverage the Tinder’s ranking algorithm as well as Perception of women

When your pictures fit into both these aspects, you might expect the following result (A screenshot of my Tinder profile) :

How important are your profile photos?

The Photos on your Tinder profile are the ONLY source of Visual communication with the girl.

Especially, your first photos decides whether the girl will even OPEN your profile or not.

Rest of your photos (along with your bio) decide whether she’ll swipe right or left on you

Thus, the Photos play a crucial role in the girl’s cognition.

Short Conclusion : Read this article till the end if you want to get a real value.

There are atleast 100+ other articles on the internet that will give you monotonous rules of setting up your profile pictures.

I’ll just give you PRACTICAL. No theory, with Everything explained through screenshots and examples.

What kind of Pictures Leverage Tinder’s Algorithm?

As already told, Tinder has a secret Algorithm that it uses to Rank your profiles. Tinder has never revealed it.

However, after months of experimentation, hit and trials, I have drafted a fool proof strategy that WORKS.

Moreover, it starts working immediately. You don’t have to wait

Rule 1: Keep Yourself In-Contrast with the Background

Tinder has an in-built photo recognition software, which determines the quality of your profile pictures.

If your face comes out clear and in contrast with the background, it is recognized easily by Tinder.

The best solution is to use DSLR with a portrait lense. Or you may use editing softwares (mentioned later in the article)

Tinder hates fake profiles and bots. Thus quality of your photos DOES MATTER.

For eg.

Rule 2: Don’t go shirtless on Tinder

Time and again, Tinder has announced that it will PENALIZE and BLOCK any profile which displays nudity.

However, to show off your physique, you can weak a cut sleeves shirt, or a Gym vest. Make sure that your Torso is atleast 50% covered.

For eg.

Rule 3: Never Upload a Side pose Picture

Whenever you make a side pose, Almost 40% of your face is invisible.

You may find it cool, but Tinder’s Face recognition software won’t be able to identify you. Tinder may consider you UNAUTHENTIC, even if you aren’t.

For eg.

Rule 4: Always keep the focus on yourself

Uploading photos with your peer group is OKAY, but you’re making it Difficult for Tinder to recognize you .

I usually recommend to NOT to have more than 2 persons in the photo. Even if that’s the case, the focus should be on you.

The easier you make it for Tinder to recognize you, the more are your chances of getting matches


Rule 5: Don’t wear Props that Cover your Face

I agree that guys DO look awesome in aviators and Cowboy hats.

But again, you’re making it difficult for Tinder to recognize you.

Before the “Look good” aspect, you need to take care of What Tinder thinks about you.

Thus, keep your face free from any props.

Pictures that Leverage Women’s perception on Tinder

Photos are THE BIGGEST variable when girls on Tinder are evaluating your profile, as said earlier.

One mistake can lead a girl to misjudge you and swipe left without even thinking twice.

I’ll be highlighting some of the VERY COMMON mistakes that you don’t realize you’re making on tinder.

You’ll literally LAUGH when you would realize them. So, read till the end.

I’ll also give my sure-shot photo strategies that will create a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in the girl’s mind.

And she won’t swipe you left, if you implement my strategies well.

Don’t click a Fake candid

I’ve seen many photos where the guy is trying to look cool by looking away from the camera.

Girls NEVER Like It. Such Candid clearly shows that you’re trying to “fake” it.

Moreover, a fake pose automatically create Stiffness on your face and your posture doesn’t come out as Natural.

It reflects the “Dumb” side of yours, and the end result is that you get left swiped.

INSTEAD, look into the camera and own it. Being natural is more attractive to girls, than a fake pose.

Or simply act out a fake candid good enough that it doesn’t seem fake.

Edit your Photos good enough

I’ll not tell you to edit your skin colour, height or hair on your scalp.

Even if you do that, It will be clear cheating, because these things can’t be changed in real life.

The only thing I would recommend to edit is your Biceps Size, your Tummy size, shoulder width, and the Photo quality.

Why? Because you can very well work upon these factors to ACTUALLY change yourself by the time you actually meet a girl through Tinder.

Girls do like an Athletic built over a Feeble built. You can’t deny that.

Given below is a perfect example of editing your photo.

And No, I didn’t use Photoshop. It’s NOT EASY for a newbie to edit there.

There are Apps on Playstore where you can edit such features in just 10 Minutes.

I have Given Steps-by-Step procedure for editing your photos in My Comprehensive Tinder Guide, Given Below.

I’ve also mentioned the Tools and Apps that you’ll need for editing.

Don’t Show off your Money, Blatantly.

Guys have a mindset that Girls prefer RICH guys. Thus, they try to show off their wealth in photos.

Yes, it MIGHT be true. But, you should NEVER portray as if you’re arrogant of it.

I collected viewpoints of 10 of my HONEST female friends.

9 out of them did show a liking for money. But, they HATE guys who are arrogant of their wealth

Here’s what one of them said.

Imagine that you don’t know someone and he comes up to you, talking about how GREAT he is and not listening to you at all.

I’ll tag him as NARCISSIST, no matter how Rich he is.

That’s the feeling I get when I see someone showing off on Tinder. Girls Never like it.

A girl who uses Tinder Frequently

Thus, Never upload photos where the main focus is your Car (or any other asset), and not you. It comes off as if you’re Too materialistic.

I’ve attached a screenshot, for an example.

INSTEAD, you should give a subtle hint that you’re WELL- OFF by keeping yourself as the Focus, and keeping your car in the Background.

I’ll give you an example.

Try to keep the Backgrounds Different

Many girls that I’ve met on Tinder Love travelling. If I give you the numbers, almost 90% of them love it.

Thus, the only way to portray it is to click your photos in different backgrounds – Mountains, Beaches, Crowded Cities etc.

I know, that you can’t do travelling Just for getting a Tinder Match. Don’t do that, no worries.

But whenever you the next trip away from home, REMEMBER to carry a good Camera with you.

EVEN IF you can’t do that, I have a solution.

Keep the following three types of backgrounds, that have really worked for the students enrolled in my course.

Click one photo in a happening Bar or a Cafe, with a drink in your hand or maybe just you Cell Phone.

For another, Show off yourPASSION. Girls like boys who are passionate and work oriented. An example is given below.

Click the last one in a Normal outdoor of the city where you live.

Don’t Upload Selfies

I Know, selfies are the Latest trend in the market. Yes, Selfies look good, but only to someone who knows you BEFOREHAND.

For girls looking at your profile, you’re a total stranger.

In a selfie, your FACE might cover as large as 40% of the photo area. It comes out as too LARGE on the screen.

Other vital information such as you Body posture and structure is missed out.

Even if you upload a selfie, DON’T keep it as your first picture.

Moreover, Tinder has clearly mentioned in it’s “welcome message” to not to upload selfies.

Thus, too keep yourself safe, click a photo in which your body structure is CLEARLY visible.

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