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Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore can be lonely at times, especially if you’ve moved there for work.

I left my hometown and parents to work in Bangalore for a new job, which got me pretty excited about starting a new life here.

As a part of this city, starting a life for me meant meeting new people, making new relationships and having new experiences of every kind, good and bad.

And I couldn’t find a better place to start with all of those. I started with the best app of our times, Tinder.

Being a guy, it wasn’t so easy to succeed on Tinder in Bangalore, but after a lot of learnings, I managed to learn how to succeed at it.

Here is a snapshot of my tinder account after just 5 days of swiping.

164 matches in 5 Days

And how easy it became to score a date on tinder after a while

After a lot of questions from my friends asking me how I did it, I simply chose to write about those techniques instead.

Does Tinder even work in Bangalore for guys?

Of course, every other guy has had some sort of success on Tinder. If you haven’t got it yet, it only means you’re doing something wrong with your Swiping style, Photos or Bio.

If the screenshots above cannot make you believe that it works quite spectacularly for guys in this city, then nothing else will.

How to get matches in tinder in Bangalore?

Tinder Match screen

Getting matches in Bangalore might be a little easier because of the freedom and corporate culture of this city.

I used to believe that the number of matches you get on tinder is directly correlated to your attractiveness.

That assumption quickly fell swoop after watching some of my good looking guy friends failing to score a single date while some not so attractive ones (they admitted themselves they didn’t play on their looks) were hooking up through Tinder every other weekend.

So I took it upon myself to learn why that was so.

It turns out that your profile needs to be flawless in the perspective of both Tinder and the girl who is going to make the decision of swiping right on you.

From the Perspective of Tinder

Tinder’s Algorithm has some non-spoken rules that need to be taken care of.

Most guys are not even aware of them and Tinder recently updated them in their latest blog.

And that is the reason why some of the most attractive guys even fail to succeed at tinder.

Tinder decides which profiles should be shown first to girls and which should be pushed below the stack of cards.

Usually, in a place like Bangalore, an average girl matches with 80% of the guys that she chooses to right swipe on, and the really attractive ones match with every guy that they swipe on.

So this goes without saying that during a swiping session, a girl won’t swipe more through more than 20-25 profiles, and would still get more matches than she can handle.

And if you don’t even show up in those top 25 cards, then you simply won’t get matches, no matter how awesome your pictures might be.

So, in order to abide by the rules of tinder’s algorithm, you need to make sure of these things

  • Use photos with proper lighting on your face.
  • Use photos where at least 60% of your face is visible.
  • Never leave your Bio empty.
  • Connect your Instagram to make you seem more authentic.
  • Stop right swiping every profile, it flags your profile with bot like activity.
  • However, do swipe more often, don’t keep the ratio of right to left swipes more than 9 : 1.
  • Purchase Tinder Plus or gold subscription to boost up your visibility on Tinder internally.
  • Swipe at the location with most active tinder users to more matches.

These are just some of the things that you need to take care of in your profile.

From the Girl’s Perspective

After you’ve managed to get past the huddles of the Tinder’s algorithm, you still have to win the Girl’s mind to earn a right swipe.

It is necessary to get the attention of a girl with the well clicked first photo that makes her want to checkout your profile and then swipe right on you.

Some tactics you can use that will get you more right swipes instantly include:

  • No selfies or shirtless photos, you don’t want to come off as a narcissist.
  • A non-pretentious bio, that doesn’t describe you, but shows an interesting side of yours that creates a mystery about you.
  • Use photos with positive face expressions, like smiling or laughing, because happiness is contagious and no girl can resist a guy like that.
  • Be well-dressed in your photos and make sure to get feedback from other girls before uploading them on tinder.

If you nail these two things, there won’t be anything stopping you from conquering the Tinder game in the city like I did.

It is just that easy.

What do girls in Bangalore look for on Tinder?

Girl in Bangalore
Source : Pexels

The number of matches that girls get is much more than guys. Girls have no shortage of matches, which gives them unlimited options to choose from.

That’s why sometimes even the slightest mistake can lead to a girl misjudge you and swipe you left.

Even after matching, if you slip up during the opening conversation, there is no turnaround, you will get unmatched, simply because she has other guys waiting, who are simply more interesting for her.

 Some of the things that girls look for in a guy while chatting on tinder are –

  • Someone Authentic and not pretending to someone he is not, just to seem more likable.
  • Someone who is confident and comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t use cheesy pick up lines to impress girls.
  • A guy who is decisive in what he wants and is not afraid to ask for it. Even if it’s a hookup.
  • A guy who knows how to initiate and lead a conversation, that actually engages her and help the two get more connected.

These might be just some of the things they want, but they are not that easy to portray.

It took me a lot of trials and errors to learn the Tinder game in Bangalore.

I had to go through a lot of unmatches, canceled dates, and actually ghosting on dates to understand these core fundamentals.

This course explains better on how to get it done without going through the pitfalls that I did.

Which locations in Bangalore are best to be successful on tinder?

Bangalore nightlife
Source : Pixabay

I won’t deny that there are some places that are better for tinder to work, simply because these localities are more happening.

And also because many of the girls here usually live separate from their parents and have moved to this city for work.

This gives more freedom to use Tinder, and engage with guys in a capacity that they otherwise couldn’t have

These are the best  places to use Tinder in Bangalore –

  • Indiranagar
  • Kormangala
  • Whitefield
  • Belladur
  • Marathalli
  • UB City

These are the most happening places as well. Especially, the quality of matches that you get around Indiranagar and UB City is simply too good.

The girls that I met from these localities were generally more classy, open-minded and downright fun at times.

Or maybe I just got lucky there. If you don’t live or work around any of these places, you can always widen up your radius of swiping on Tinder. Banglore is not that big of a city. You’re going to find someone anyway.

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