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Although Tinder might mostly be about pictures, it’s the overall personality of yours that helps her to make the decision to swipe right on you.

If you’ve already aced the game of photos, then you’re ready for this blog.

If not, you might be better off checking out this article where I walk you through all the secret photography rules set by Tinder which decide the number of matches that you’ll get.

Now, its time to perfect your tinder bio.

If you’re looking for something casual, your bio can represent that through a witty and forward line.

However, that won’t be the case if you’re on tinder looking for something serious.

According to this study done by the research team of Cornell university, number of matches significantly increase if you have a bio on you profile.

This graph clearly demonstrates the difference it makes in the number of matches you get with and without a good bio.

That’s why, before we get into the types of bios you should write (Depending on what you want or want to portray about yourself), its important to know what is the purpose of the bio.

Rules for writing a winning Tinder Bio

Keep it short and crisp

You have to keep your tinder bio short, crisp and to the point, so it’s always better to describe a part of your personality like humors or clever rather than completely describing yourself.

You can do that while having the conversation on tinder or over the date when you know you’re into her.

Give subtle ‘hints’ about your intention in your bio

In the tinder world, it’s always better to keep yourself a mystery.

The most you should do is ONLY HINT what you’re looking for and that’s it.

The mysterious you are, the more FOMO (Fear of missing out) the girl will feel about you.

Sometimes, the bio just intrigues the girl enough so that she right swipes just know more about you.

Never Use copy paste Taglines

Originality and personalisation are two key points to win the game on Tinder.

Always remember that you’re not the only one googling for tinder bios.

Girls have seen every kind of line there is to it.

If you want to get matches, then you’ve got to make sure to personalize the bio for the kind of person you are.

What’s the essence of a tinder bio then?

A tinder bio that gets the most matches and works every time is simple yet which sparks a light in the person swiping on you. In this instant gratification world, you win by making yourself interesting enough so that when someone is going through your profile.

It’s like creating a trailer for yourself. A trailer, which actually gives away the plot and the storyline of your personality.

It’s just a simple teaser, which actually makes you seem interesting enough to be swiped right on.

A Bio is a subtle of saying, “this is what I can be like. Swipe to know more.”

This simple technique is a sure-shot way to impress the girls on tinder quite instantly.

What to write in your tinder bio?

Out of these tips and examples of tinder bios, only use the bio that best suits you and what you’re looking for on tinder.

Show off your Humorous side to win her over

A Funny Tinder Bio

Use one of these funny bios, and inserting emojis only makes it better.

I’ve spent the last four years looking for my ex-girlfriend’s killer, but no-one will do it. So I just installed Tinder

A Witty Tinder Bio

Girls are just as attracted towards brains as they are to the beauty.

I just might be addicted to tinder. So only swipe me right if you can help me end that addiction 😉

A Tinder Bio with Pun

The only thing keeping us apart is that phone screen in front of you girl, Now let’s break that wall with the swipe of our thumbs.

A Mysterious Tinder Bio

Instill the fear of missing out in her by using these bios.

Only if tinder was more about words than pictures, then this bio would have had an impact on you swiping me right.
But, I’ll recommend you do that anyways, who knows what you’ll discover?

Bios that Entice her to text first

Use questions and open hooks in your bio as mentioned in My E-Book

Master Tinder guide 2019

Bios showing personal interest to make her interested in you.

Bio for people interested in food

“I don’t mind paying on our first date, until you order pizza for the two of us 😀

Bio for people interested in Dogs

Disclaimer: You might fall in love with me, but I’ll only love my dog :’)

Bio for people interested in movies

Netflix and chill is all fun and games

Bio for people interested in weed

Roses are red, I don’t know why, this poem doesn’t make sense, so let’s just get high.

Bio for people interested in alcohol

I’m on a whiskey diet…I’ve lost three days already. Join me?

Show off a little through your profession

Bio for Doctors

Doctors might be known for healing your heart, but this one is here to win yours 😉

Bio for Engineer

I could solve any equation they give me, but the one I couldn’t understand was the one of the heart.

Bio for psychologists

I’ve heard a lot of people say, fuck the shrinks, to them I say, “here I am” 😀

Bios for pilots

Perks of dating a pilot?
We can fly you inside as well as outside the room 😉

Funny Bio for accountants

They say, accountants are boring, to them I say
“Well, we can do you and your taxes at the same time”      
#nocompetetion #micdropped

Showcase your personality type to get her attention

Bios for Introverts

Let’s just sit at home, sipping wine and bitching about the world together, haha

Bios for extrovert

Ideal first date? Well, a simple game of truth or date at a restauraunt, without the truth part.
No date would be more memorable than this one, trust me 😀

Play the adventures and outgoing part of yours to impress her

Bio for Travelers and adventures

Been around the world, done what I wanted, but not found who I wanted to do it with yet.

Bios for when you’re on vacation

What’s the point of life if we don’t do things that we never dreamt of doing before. I might not be in this city forever, but the moments will share will be.”

Get exactly what you want on tinder by clearly hinting it on your bio.

Bios for when you’re looking for Hookups

This isn’t the first time someone is judging me by my tinder profile and this won’t be the last. But I won’t suggest you do that, you just miss out on the real fun 😉

Bios for when you’re looking for friends

So Many profiles and so many matches, just so you can find someone? Now lets make sure your search ends with this right swipe 😉

Bio for serious relationships

Never in a million years I would have thought that I would be on Tinder.
But here I am and so are you
Maybe for each other? Lets find out.

After perfecting your profiles, you won’t have a problem getting plenty of matches.

However, converting those matches into dates is different game on its own.

I have successfully taught how to do that to over 300+ guys through this online course.

If you want replicate their success, you can check it out as well.

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