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Talking to a Girl on Tinder is purely a PSYCHOLOGICAL game.

You have to actually deep dive into the brain of a girl using Tinder.

If you think It’s as EASY as talking to a girl in real life, then you’re certainly wrong.

And if you’ve been on Tinder, you must have realized that all those COPY PASTE OPENERS don’t really work.

So, certainly, I won’t be giving you those Cliched Openers in this article.

I’ll give you the Tools and Strategies that you can Customize in every situation, such that they WORK everytime.

Thus, read this article COMPLETELY, because Half knowledge is more dangerous than No knowledge.

What should you not do while talking to a girl on Tinder?

1. Never Start the Conversation with a simple “Hi” or “Hey”

How you are talking to girls on tinder plays a testing role.

When you look at a girl’s Tinder profile, she has no shortage of matches with some of the most attractive guys in that area.

Infact, girls match with 80% of guys that they right swipe on, usually.

Thus, It’s really important to STAND OUT

A mere “hey”, almost never gets you the desired because she already has plenty of other guys hitting on her with better openers than that.

So, how to talk to girls on TINDER ?

Let me show you one conversation, where a simple “Hey” puts her mindset into a NON – RECEPTIVE mode.

how to chat with girls on tinder

2. Don’t use clearly copy-pasted, Conversation starters.

You’ll go on to google searching for the “best opening lines for Tinder”, instead of being creative yourself

That just might not be a good strategy as well, because internet is an open source and many other guys might have sent her the same Openers, which she might be fed up of.

Sure, that’s better than a simple “hey”, but a lot of the times it doesn’t work and that’s not how to talk to girls on tinder.

3. Don’t ask “Generic” questions.

Voila, a girl that you matched with is actually having a conversation with you now. Now, what do you do?

Asking questions like, “how are you” or “what do you do“ is a is the BIGGEST mistake while chatting on Tinder.

It never ends up making a girl interested in you in the way that you want her to.

It simply feels like you’re dragging on a conversation, just for the sake of it and not because you want to her or vice versa.

how to talk to girls on tinder

4. Don’t Force your Interests on her.

Sharing your interests is good, but when you see a girl not engaging in the conversation that you want, switch the topic as soon as possible.

If you’re getting her replies in one or two words like, “okay”, “that’s cool” or “great”, you’ll get the SIGNAL.

Dragging on a meaningless conversation about a topic that she’s clearly not interesting in, is a sure shot way of getting unmatched.

She has no shortage of guys who actually have something interesting to say on Tinder.

5. Don’t chat for too long on Tinder itself.

Ever had a chance to look at the number of matches an average girl gets?

It’s more than she can count.

Which means you have more competition than you can think of.

Chatting for too long on Tinder isn’t going to help you as she already has tons of conversation going on the same app.

She’ll most probably forget what you were talking about pretty soon.

If you don’t DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the competition by taking the conversation forward on Whatsapp or social media instead.

What you should do instead, while chatting on Tinder?

1. Craft a personalized opening message for every girl you match with.

It’s not a bad idea to use the god’s greatest gift to the, called the Brain.

You simply have to look at the girl’s profile, her photos, her information, and most importantly her bio and construct an opener using a mix of them.

It might take a little more effort, but with my own personal experience, this tactic has more than 90% success rate.

You’ll definitely get a reply, and then it’s your job to lead the conversation with the 4 step funnel process, that I have explained in detail in my course

2. Use My 4 step funnel process to get her  phone number, real quick.

Put simply, the four steps are –

  • Match
  • Opening the conversation
  • Keeping her interested
  • Getting the number

The funnel seems too simple right? Yeah, easier said than done.

You need to optimize each and every step of this funnel to get a REAL date.

This requires you to have profound knowledge about the working of Tinder’s algorithm, How to Optimize your profile, and How to actually ask for the number, to which she WON’T REFUSE.

I’ll show you one of my real conversations:

How to message girls on tinder

I’ve personally used this process myself HUNDREDS OF TIMES and even taught a lot of students the same techniques for optimizing the funnel through my Comprehensive guide .

These techniques have worked for them, the same way they did for me!

I’ve also highlighted the reason of why they ACTUALLY WORK.

3. Initiate Subtle flirting without sounding creepy.

Most guys have a wrong understanding of What flirting actually means.

They imagine a Hollywood movie where a well-dressed guy, smoothly delivers some cheesy lines to a girl who instantly invites him, simply because she cannot resist him.

Yeah, we know that DOESN’T happen in real life and that is NOT what flirting means.

Flirting simply means “Subtly” complimenting the person and not overdoing it.

It all depends on how well you DELIVER it, by your tone and the structure of your conversation.

But believe me, you’ll know by her reply, when it has worked 😉

A REAL example of giving a Subtle compliment is as follows:

dating online

4. Take the conversation forward on Snapchat, Instagram or Whatsapp, ASAP

As I said before, talking too long on tinder isn’t going to get you what you want, because of the competition there.

It’s always a risk to ask for the girl’s number right away, but the risk is worth taking.

She’ll never refuse if you’ve mastered the conversation leading upto it just right.

Even if you’re not the kind of person who wants to seize the deal right away.

Connecting over Instagram or Snapchat doesn’t hurt either.

This will reaffirm that she’s actually interested in you and you’ll differentiate yourself from her other matches.

Final Verdict

You can learn to implement all these tactics yourself through practice and experience.

But if you want to  take a shortcut, you can always take my course, where I have taught all these guidelines in step-by-step process.

You’ll also learn to PRACTICALLY use them yourself and know how to really talk to girls on TINDER.

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