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Tinder is NOT AT ALL about having 6 packs or a Lamborghini by your side.

If you’re really thinking that this would work, then let me show you something.

Below are some ignored messages of one such Rich Brat.

Women psychology is NOT AT ALL the way you think it to be.

Let me explain it from the viewpoint of a women.

Here’s a screenshot of women’s tinder Account, that I created just for testing.

Within 8 minutes of creating the Account, the Message tab showed 99+matches.

So, there’s really a STORM of matches for them.

And that’s not the end of the story.

When I swiped right, my message box was going up and down like a share market.

I didn’t even get the slightest chance to go through the profile of Each and Every match. Paradox of choice, you see!

Conclusively, You have to clearly STAND OUT to grab the attention.

Girls won’t even get time to pay attention to your Lamborghini or Six packs, Most of  the times.

I’ll explain the scenario through the diagram below.

So, how can you stand out?

I would say, there are many ways to do this.

And the most effective is to play the psychological game, through a mix of your profile and conversation style.

What I’ve realized is that, almost 80 % of the guys are blindly swiping right EVERY girl.

They start sending a generic “HI” to almost everyone they match with, which makes the girl feel like she’s being spammed.

So, the most successful way out here, is to CUSTOMIZE.

Yes, customize your messages.

How to “Customize” your messages?

Obviously typing her name along with your “HI” is the first customization, but that’s still NOT ENOUGH.

What else? You can go through her bio and do a subtle sarcasm on it.

Why? Because she wrote it with a purpose that the guy knows her before she starts the conversation.

And if you’ve read it (Which 70% of the guys don’t) you’ve already won, 2/3 rd of the game.

I am attaching  a screenshot  of one such successful opener, where I’ve customized my message using her Bio

I have  provided deep analysis of my PSYCHOLOGY behind every step in guide below.

Also, I’ve revealed my Bio+Pic combinations on which girls messaged first, too often.

Master Tinder Guide

Once you get her reply, you’re in the zone.

To cut it short, you don’t have to talk too long on tinder.

However, for only some girls (Around 10%), talking more on tinder is comfortable.

But Remember, Our goal is to connect on her phone number as early as possible, to eliminate the competition from other guys on Tinder.

So, we’ll go with the 90% rule.

Thus, if she gives an Enthusiastic reply, like in the screenshot above, Directly ask her out (Take the 10% risk).

If she doesn’t shows enthusiasm, I have antidote for that also.

I’ve revealed it too in my course. And no, the antidote is nothing like messaging her again or sending cheesy lines.

It’s something as simple as you’ll laugh later.

So, Customization is the KEY RULE.

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