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If you’re really keen to know How to get matches on tinder, then this article can work wonders for you.

I’ll tell you about How to actually OPTIMIZE your Tinder profile as a whole by using a mix of the following strategies, that really work .

Here are three proven strategies (Along with screenshots) to get more matches on tinder :

I’ll Explain these strategies one by one, in detail below

Photos That Leverage Tinder’s Algorithm and Perception of Girls to boost your Matches

Let me be very precise and draft some pointers, so that you can better understand the Viewpoint of Tinder and the girls, who will ultimately swipe you right.

1. Background

Women love to see backgrounds having Sea, beaches and mountains. It portrays as if you love travelling. Girls love it too!

Just for an example, in the Image below has Sea in the Background. Also, take note of the Body Posture!

Sea in the Background

You may also click INDOOR, maybe with a book in your hand. It will portray you as work oriented.

Keep Backgrounds different in different photos, to remove the monotony of your profile.

Shoot HIGH QUALITY Images. A portrait DSLR lense might be able to do so.

The Simple logic is that, a portrait Image clearly distinguishes the subject from background.

And Let me tell you, Tinder DOES rank your profile on basis of quality

This tip has worked wonders for me and increased my Tinder matches drastically.

For example, the subject comes out as clearly DISTINGUISHED from the background

Background distinguished from subject

2. Facial Expressions

Giving out Negative Expressions make you less likeable, no matter how good you look.

Girls might feel a sense of “Danger” and might swipe you left.

Positive and Friendly expressions with a wide smile brings you out as GENUINE and INFLUENTIAL like in the photo below

For Example, the guy below looks Charming, even if his getup might not be “That” cool.

Also, Nothing can be better than Looking straight in the camera, with a WIDE smile, like in the photo below.

However, DON’T try to look too cocky at the same time.

3. Lighting of the Photos and Props that you should wear

Source of lightening must be at the sides, not at the front.

Front and direct lightening may distort your face color and make it difficult for the app’s face recognition software to identify you.

Don’t ever wear Aviators in your Tinder photos.

It makes it difficult for the recognition softwares to identify you and hence, your profile might be ranked lower.

4. Photos that you shouldn’t upload

Avoid uploading SELFIES.

They bring out your face out as too large on the screen. Again, harmful for your profile ranking.

Never, ever upload Semi-nudes or shirtless photos.

Tinder has strict guidelines on this topic. Tinder’s algorithm might even penalize you.

Don’t show off your money through cool stuff or expensive cars, blatantly.

It’s OKAY to show off, but not in a way such that you’re too obsessed with your wealth, like in the photo below.

Main focus is on car, instead of the guy

It makes you come out as more Materialistic that you actually are.

Even if you show it off, be humble about it while having the conversation.

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Master Tinder Guide (2019)

Bios That Urge Girls to swipe right on you and boost your Tinder matches

In my experience of using Tinder since past few years, there are certain characteristics of Bio that will urge women to swipe right on you and thus, you’ll get more matches on tinder. These are :

1.Sound witty and Sarcastic

Many Researches have shown that girls like Sarcasm more than your muscles.

Also, many girls on tinder are sapiosexual.

Thus, sounding witty increases you chances of getting right swiped.

For eg. A witty bio can be:

A witty Bio

The Bio above is ‘Subtly’ giving hint about what you want in a witty and an indirect manner.

2.Use Emoticons Judiciously

Emoticons give a life to the content of your Bio.

They highlight the context of your Bio and prevent any misinterpretation by the girl viewing your profile.

For eg. Your words might portray arrogance, rudeness or bluntness, even though you’re not.

Never use emoticons that show under-confidence (Smiley with sweat).

Using Emoticons which are NOT related to Emotions don’t serve any purpose, Like in the Screenshot below.

3.Never Include the following in your Bio

Don’t give any opinions about girls as they might get offended.

Never mention any metrics in your Bio – Biceps size or How much money You make.

It will most probably rub off in a wrong way towards the girl.

Moreover, you might seem more too arrogant and obsessed by yourself when you include such numbers.

However, you may mention your height, if it’s That awesome.

Don’t mention any extreme viewpoints in your bio, ever.

Swiping style and frequency that will get you more matches on Tinder

You must be wondering How can you get matches on tinder JUST by changing your swiping swiping style?

Tinder’s algorithm has been getting more and more efficient ever since.

It has certain CRITERIA on the basis of which it will rank your profile and increase or decrease your matches accordingly.

The most prominent criteria is your Swiping style and frequency.

Following are some considerations with respect to the same

1.How often should you swipe?

According to tinder’s updated algorithm (2019), your activeness determines your possibility of matching with potential user, who might be active at the same time.

The logic is pretty simple.

Tinder wants you to match and get down to the conversation instantly.

Thus, the more you swipe, the better are your chances of matching. Get your thumbs rolling!

The optimum strategy, which I have disclosed in my E-book includes –

  • Setting the optimum location radius ( The more, the better isn’t the right approach)
  • Swiping with appropriate frequency

2.How often should you swipe ‘right’?

As per my own experience, swiping every girl right might put you in bot category, which will ultimately bring down your profile’s ranking.

Thus, DON’T swipe blindly.

You should swipe as much as possible, but don’t swipe everyone right.

Yes, left swipes are necessary.

I’ve conducted a detailed experiment to come up with optimum percentage of left swipes in my Ebook, given below.

Master Tinder guide

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