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Is it “Really” hard to get a Hookup on Tinder?

In 2019, the urge for casual dating has been the reason behind the birth and growth of Tinder.

It even goes by the name of “hookup app” these days.

However, even after knowing what they want, and knowing where they can get “it”, some guys are still not able to achieve it?

It’s Because they don’t know how to get “it”.

To put it more simply, there can be following situations :

  • Lack of understanding of the psychology of women on Tinder
  • Lack of matches on Tinder (How to get more matches?)
  • Under-confidence in their own personality

No matter how bad you look, how under-confident you are, you’ll get that casual hookup, even overnight, if you take action.

It’s tricky to get hookup on Tinder, not Hard. You’ll have to follow certain TRICKS, that I’ll mention later in this article.

You must read this article COMPLETELY to realize the mistakes you were doing earlier.

Trust me, you’ll laugh at those mistakes, because they’re really, really COMMON.

Why is it tricky to get a Hookup?

Girls almost get 10x more matches than guys do.

In fact, this is what a girl’s tinder account looks like after one day of creating it.

After interviewing some of the most attractive girls, I know for a fact that they match with almost 90% of the guys that they swipe right.

However, that is not the case with guys. It’s quite the opposite infact.

To actually succeed in the online dating game, guys have to clear a checklist, hinted by Tinder’s Algorithm and My personal experience.

I’ll cover all the points in this HIDDEN checklist in this article through First hand Interview with one of my Female friends, who uses Tinder Frequently.

Thus, read the article till the end.

I explain how to get all of these done, just the RIGHT WAY, in a step-by-step process.

You can’t blatantly ask for a hookup.

You have to give HINT it in a way that’s attractive and makes her interested as well.

You’ll learn how to give that Hint at the end of this article.

This is what one of female friend told me when I asked, “Do you like hooking up through tinder?”

She said, “I don’t mind doing it if the guy isn’t. In fact some of my best dates lead to it.”

Thus, if you lead the conversation the RIGHT WAY , a girl (Who wants a hookup) will NOT miss out an opportunity to meet an interesting guy.

So let me walk you through How you can you get “it”.

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What should be your Swiping strategy on Tinder?

According to the latest tinder algorithm in 2019, the more active you are on tinder, the higher they rank your profile.

Tinder will show rank your profile higher, if you swipe more often, and chat with your matches more.

Tinder’s Ranking Algorithm

In the scenario above, the three men will be Ranked by Tinder as depicted by the Numerical value attached to them.

Infact, some of students in my course have TRIPLED their matches, just by swiping more often on Tinder.

The competition is REALLY HARD on Tinder. Thus, take every advantage you can get from this article.

Even a little tweak makes a big difference in the end result.

What do girls look for before hooking up?

To give you a real insight of What goes on INSIDE a girl’s mind when she is looking for a hookup, I interviewed one of my Female friends who often uses Tinder for Hookups.

Following are the excerpts from my Interview with her :

What do girls look for in Profile pictures for choosing a hookup partner?

My choice DOESN’T depend on “How attractive you are”. It depends on “How attractive you are perceived to be”.

There is a BIG difference between these two.

On tinder, every person you meet with is someone who doesn’t know you or hasn’t seen you before (mostly).

You can easily choose what your first impression in front of them should be.

How to stand out ?

You can show that you love to travel by putting up non-monotonous backgrounds, ranging from seas to mountains.

It will give me a sense that you have an extrovert personality. Girls don’t like introvert guys, who don’t like to explore.

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Should you go Shirtless on Tinder?

Put nudes on Tinder, and I’ll blindly swipe you left. Why?

It’s true that I might be looking for a hookup too. But female hormones don’t work the way you’re thinking.

Your nudes will make me totally UNCOMFORTABLE, given that you’re a stranger to me and mental conscience makes me feel like “I’m just being used”.

I, as a female, would never accept that.

How can average looking guys get hookup?

I would like the photos that focus on guy’s strengths and not weakness. The guy who can put in atleast this much hardwork will clear this point in my checklist.

For instance, a round belly or a Bald head is a BIG TURN OFF for me.

However, being a little fat or Bald is absolutely OKAY for me, if the guy’s smile is real good.

Most importantly, if you have a shaped up Jawline, you’ll surely catch my attention, no matter how ugly your smile is.

And if you’re not proud of your jawline, you can focus on your beard. Get a Thick and neat, Carpet-look beard.

Given below is an example. I didn’t like the aviators though.

How do girls evaluate Bio before hooking up?

I would give MORE IMPORTANCE to your Bio than your pictures, no matter handsome you are.

Girls get 100+ matches within 10 minutes of creating an account. There are TONS of guys with a six pack and 16 inch biceps.

We need something over and above that , that is, Wits. Yes, we need the guy to have BRAINS, along with a decent physique.

These few sentences in your profile add color to your personality and makes a BIGGER impact than you might realize.

What kind of Bio attracts a Hookup date?

First of all, I wan’t to know your actual PURPOSE of being on Tinder. I can’t simply swipe you right just by looking at your Pictures.

And if your purpose is Hooking up, I don’t want it too come TOO Directly.

I still remember the Bio of a Guy with whom I hooked up through Tinder previously.

You see? Neither too direct, nor too indirect. It just hits the mark. This Bio clarifies the intentions of a hookup, in a non-creepy and a witty way.

What Kind of Bio reduces the chances of a hookup?

NEVER ASK for a hookup too openly in your Bio.

It shows that you don’t want to have a good time with her and just want her body.

No Girl would accept that.

Never show even a ‘Pinch’ of arrogance in your Bio, deliberately or indeliberately.

Girls have their own self respect and won’t swipe you right if they feel insecure about it. For eg. look at the screenshot below :

If you want a Hookup, surely you’ll have to put this attitude aside. On Tinder, Girls are CHOOSERS, not beggars.

What kind of conversation Actually convinces a girl for a hookup?

This one of the most fundamental elements of your tinder game, that gives a massive advantage if you do it right.

Remember, I’ll NEVER message you first, and 95% girls on Tinder are like me. We’ve already got tons of messages in our inbox.

What Should be the opening message?

Don’t send “Hey” or a “Hi”. Want to know why? See yourself.

I WON’T be motivated to even open your Chat head.

What should you do instead?

Firstly, go through the girl’s photos and bio, to find something unique.

Then use that ‘Unique thing’ to compliment her  and directly ask her out.

For eg.

Taking “risks” like these is what provides the best results, especially in casual dating.

By “risks”, I mean being quick and clear about what you want (Hookup), but in a subtle way.

Next, Don’t sound creepy right from your first message. I’ll give you an instant unmatch.

Asking for a hookup in a way too direct manner will get you unmatched.

Disclaimer : Copy paste openers available on the Web will NEVER fetch you dates, even if though they claim to.

This approach DIFFERENTIATES you from other tinder matches and brings you out as someone who knows what he wants.

How Should guys ask for a hookup on Tinder?

How you approach the conversation on Tinder will determine if the girl will hookup with you or not.

When you’re trying to look for something casual on Tinder, always remember to keep the conversation short.

Your main goal should be to Get the phone number, ASAP.

Longer chats means, the more blended you get with her other tinder matches, and your chances of getting the phone number decrease.

Its much easier to ask for the number, if you start with a compliment, which looks REALISTIC.

By ‘realistic’, I mean that the compliment must be tailor-made for the girl. It shouldn’t be just “you look nice or beautiful”

For eg.

Almost 90% of the girls (including me) will shares the digits, if they are up for a hookup, and your game becomes much easier.

Remember, not to ask for the hookup Directly. You’ll get a straight rejection.

Even if the girl wants a hookup, she’ll never say it outright. We, as girls, evaluate Men on your PERSONALITY too, which we can’t determine over a phone screen.

However, your chances of getting a hookup are HIGH, if you get the Phone number quickly.

My suggestion : Just convince her for a quick date, and let things go with the flow.

So, just be open about your intentions, and drop a little hints here and there.

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