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Master Tinder Guide – Real Examples and Strategies That Work in 2020

Master Tinder Guide (E-Book)

Since the response on my Personal blog has been amazing, I’ve been encouraged enough to launch my E-Book officially.

Way back when I started using Tinder, I was of strong belief that “Richest” and most “Handsome” guys get Matches on Tinder.

If you’re coming to this page, most probably you believe it too, right?

And there’s a really good chance that you must have searched for “Best Openers” for Tinder or “Best Bios” for Tinder on Google.

And yes, another guess is that you aren’t getting matches despite Copy-Pasting these Bios and Openers.

Why? Because everyone is Blindly copying them, which you certainly SHOULDN’T.

When I realized What Exactly is going wrong, my belief system totally changed.

It was NOT just the Bio, or just the photos, or the openers.

I discovered that Tinder’s Algorithm was hinting at something else, apart from these three.

And when I discovered that “Something Else”, my Tinder Profile started showing results.

To begin with, I got 164 matches in 5 days.

I was getting Tens of Superlikes.

Infact, now I even have to Turn the Tinder Notifications off because of ABUNDANCE of matches.

Anyway, coming back to my E-book…

Why did I even Launch it when I’m giving away many tips just for free on my blog?

The logic is very simple.

When a resource is available openly, there is a HIGH chance that many other people are also using and implementing it.

When everybody implements it, you become the part of the crowd.

In this E-Book, I’ll reveal my purely Actionable Secrets.

By “Actionable”, I mean that these secrets are no theory, but all practical.

I’ll disclose EVERYTHING that I know about Tinder, up till now.

Let me give you some excerpts from the E-book itself.

Excerpt 1:

You must be Blindly swiping right on almost Every girl.

But this certainly works AGAINST Tinder’s Algorithm.

Left swipes are necessary. And I’ll tell you exactly how much should you swipe left to get more matches.

Moreover, Tinder recently announced that Activeness and your Vicinity plays a major role in your profile ranking.

In this E-book, I’ll tell you how to Leverage the role of these two factors to Boost your Matches, with My 5-trial experiment.

Excerpt 2:

You might have grabbed few tips on How to Talk to girls on Tinder through Google.

However, do you have the Exact Blueprint of how to get the date within as few as 6 Messages.

I’ll be giving you Message by message analysis of six such conversation, which led to dates within few messages.

Chat Analysis

I’ll point out my Exact Thought process while delivering those messages, like in the photo below.

Excerpt 3:

You might have got a few replies on Tinder, BUT do girls message you First?

I’ll reveal How to Leverage the COMBINATION of 2 most crucial elements of your Profile to get girls message you first.

And No, I’ll not be giving you any Copy pasted Bio(s) or Photography suggestions.

I’ll give you an Implementable strategy, that will PROVOKE a girl to message you first, most of the times.

What all is Inside?

I’ll be short and crisp here. You can Directly see the topics in the Infographic below.

All this goes out for $5. It’s a Fully Downloadable PDF E-book.

Once you go through it, implement my advice fast.

If you want to gain back the confidence in online dating, start as early as possible.

In future, online dating going to be more difficult then ever.